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It enables you to see the quality of gps fix your device has at least.

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The problem seems to have only come up in the last few months. I presume that the problem is down to something in the IOS software that apple neither know or care much about. It is so frustrating. Called apple support spent 2 hrs no results. Went to store and Genius Bar still no results. I phone 6 not even 3 year old. I was a total apple user. Phone pad air. This will be the last device I buy from them. Obviously an issue and all they could suggest was buy a new phone. Since jobs they no longer care about the user experience.

This is the second time that I have had problems with my apple phones.

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My wifi stopped working on my iPhone 4 and now the GPS. They put too much work into their new products and forget about the last model. I had to pull out my Tomtom GPS and update it this weekend. I would be better off with a flip phone…. I went to the Apple Store and they said my phone had no hardware problems despite the gps not working while in the store and suggested I reinstall from os up.

I said I did. I asked what kind of discount or deal they could offer me since it seems to be a Problem caused by their OS. They pointed to the tables of demos and said all the prices are out there. Thanks But no thanks. Same issue still. Did latest update and Apple Iphone 6 gps not working! So frustrating! Very displeased. I have just bought a new iPad mini 4 and have same issues with google maps an othe map apps not working.

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Apple replaced with new iPad but exactly the same with new one. Where do I go from he.. I got GPS and wifi issues after the Well definitely not the Apple we used to know. I have an iPhone 7. It works now…hopefully. I have an iPhone 6 after updating to iOS 10 my gps will not work on maps nor google maps. I have tried all the suggestions about turning location services off and then on again and still nothing.

We have tried everything. I have owned multiple iPhones since the iPhone 4 and never had these issues. Any suggestions?.. I have an iPhone 6 right now and gps is not working. Switching to Samsung galaxy phone. It seems like its just not loading, it does not start to navigate. I too am having the same issue with the gps not functioning properly and I have iOS My iPhone 6 is having the same GPS issue.

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I drive constantly for week and need Waze. You are not alone! After updated my 6s to I have done everything from soft to hard boot. I even restored back to factory settings. I got so lost yesterday. Please fix this, Apple! I am now realizing how dependent on my phone I am for directions!

My iPhone 6 was working perfectly before updated to 9. I cannot even use google map. Now I am on I tried everything like factory setting, restore and set it as new. Apple expert told me there is no similar case. I know they are lying. Apple sucks. Cheap tactic by Apple to force users to use Apple maps which is crap in comparison to Google maps. I upgraded to 9. Tried resetting network connections and all the multiple other suggestions. So frustrating. Phone is out of warranty, trying to wait for iPhone 7. The problem still persists on my iPhone 6 even after i upgraded to 9.

The online support is not that great in this regard, i will try going to the nearest apple stores and see if they have any fix for the same…. I updated to iOS 9. Try the latest update if you have not updated. In fact, they got significantly worse since this last update.

Where is Find My Friends and how do I use it in iOS 13 or iPadOS?

My GPS shows me several hundred yards or more away from where I actually am, if it works at all. Bluetooth is extremely choppy unless the phone is 2 feet from my headphones or less. I am experiencing the same issue since the 9. Steve, Have you tried Resetting the Network Settings?

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Give it a try and see if it gets any better. The 9. It only affected the 2. For Bluetooth to be streaming music without issue it must be within a foot or 2 of the device. I had an issue with Wallet. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer. Search posts.


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I tried everything including several tickets with Apple and sending my data to them. I never found a permanent resolution. When 11 was introduced I decided to do a trade-in mostly because of this issue. Did complete wipe in case it was software glitch in my back up. Brand new phone and no working GPS….

With 3g the gps work. It does seem the day the new phone comes out I suddenly get no service unless on wifi… is this Apple trying to get you to upgrade your phone… I have a 6S that has worked flawlessly until this new iPhone came out!! I seriously doubt that Sir. I have only been with Apple iPhone for maybe 2 years plus and the watch. I guess you might say I am now an Apple fan for a long time in the future. And it has to do with Actual Speed I am driving. They will not even respond to me anymore.

It was working fine on Feb and on Feb , and it started going wacko. Ford replaced the APIM for sync 3, and still problems. What do I do?